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The Educational Consultancy Association of Nepal was registered at The chief District Administratin Office(CDO), Kathmandu, Nepal on B.S 2054/5/13 - 29th August 1997 - to provide proper information, guidance and counselling to guardians who want to send their children abroad for their futher education.

ECAN has now come up with a CODE OF CONDUCT (click here to view page) to regulate and monitor the activities of all ECAN member organizations so that the students and parents benefit from the ECAN OBJECTIVES .

This is Standard Notice (click here to view page) to all interested parties and established institutions to become aware


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ECAN Members Directory

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ECAN has decided to held its 8th AGM 2070 on Saturday,27th Poush 2070 (11th Jan 2014) at Trade To ...[more]...