Dr. Yogi Vikashananda Trauma Relief Program

Delivered by: Dr. Yogi Vikashananda
Time: 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Participant- 220 ECAN Members and Staff Members
Date: 26th May 2015(Tuesday)
Venue: Lainchaur Banquet, Kathmandu
Organised by: Educational Consultancy Association of Nepal(ECAN)

A short Introduction of Dr. Yogi Vikashananda
"Dr. Yogi Vikashananda. is a philosopher and a man of vision and action. He is a bright, meditative, sage-like man who has founded the Manokranti Movement. Many a wall throughout Kathmandu, Nepal exhibits the Manokranti entra; an inverted question mark like symbol. “Let’s change ourselves, to change the world” is the key phrase for the Manokranti Movement, because it is only after changing our own beliefs, becoming more open, positive and spiritual that we can then educate one another and change the world for the better".

The programme was chaired by ECAN President Mr. Rajendra Baral.

The programme started with the presentation of Mr. Mahesh Babu Timalsina, General Secretary of ECAN that highlighted ECAN’s Relief Activities post April 25th tremor. Through different slides, he showed how ECAN Executives and ECAN Members devoted themselves in Relief Activites.

Dr. Yogi Vikashananda then took over the stage and delivered 2 hour long speech that covered different areas on the topics- Infrastructures, Fear, Stress Relief, Our Life style and Food Habit and finally spiritual explanation of our Life.

With the frequent laughter, physiological activities and scientific logics, the speech turned out to be very very important to understand and abolish the FEAR FACTOR.

Following were the points Dr. Yogi put forward in his speech:


Earthquake does not kill People. It can’t even shake our hair. What kills is the Multi-storied Buildings that we have built. Great Earthquake of Chili(9.5 Magnitude) in 1960 killed more than 6,000 people whereas another Great Earthquake of Chili(8.8 Magnitude) killed only 525 people in 2010. This was due to the awareness of the people and Government to build Earthquake-proof infrastructures.

Japan Earthquake(1923) measured at 7.9 Magnitude killed more than 30,000 people but Japan Earthquake(2012)- 9.0 Magnitude killed only 15,890people. Tsunami that followed in Japan killed more people than the Earthquake.

We are lucky that we don’t have to face other natural disasters like Tsunami, Volcano that generally follow in other countries like Japan, Indonesia etc.

We have to build Earthquake Resistant Buildings, improvise already existing buildings either by Retro-fitting or Jacketing the Pillars and Walls. Pre-fab houses(having the age of 30-40 years) can be built within the budget of 10-12 lakhs.

Government has to start planning for making our city(especially Kathmandu) a SMART CITY which is fully planned digitally with the sufficient Free Spaces, Greenery, Approach to Hospitals and Schools, zero traffic jam etc. as done by other developed countries. Donors are ready. Only thing needed is will power. What we people can do is raise the voice for converting our cities as SMART CITIES through social medias, different write-ups and speeches.


Fear is the state of mind when people think too much about the Past and Future.and keep on feeling stressed and insecure. The hormone called Epinephrine is released from our bodywhich makes us dull, restless and passive thereby reducing our productivity.

Fear and Stress Reliever Techniques:

  • Don’t look down and don’t keep your eyes fixed downwards. Keep your eyes upwards and keep on shifting the focus. This releases the positive hormone called ‘Endorphin’ which cheers us up.
  • Take a deep breathe from your nose and release it from mouth.Have a glass of water every hour. Water kills 50% of our physical and mental diseases.
  • Keep your backbone upright while standing and sitting.
  • Keep your head and chest high enough that boosts your confidence.
  • Meditation helps so please follow the guided meditation available in Internet.


We have to change our Life style and food habit to remain POSITIVE and ENERGISED all the TIME.

White Rice is the source of Heavy Glucose that causes sugar, risks Diabeties, hits Kidney and Heart and then the Brain. So better use ‘Brown Rice’. Wheat Flour(used to make Roti) is better as it has natural insulin to kill Glucose. Maize is very good for energy (we can get it from Corn-flakes). The best food we can have is Barley.

Instead of drinking Cola, Canned Juice or other drinks Water is the best drink. Red Meat(that of 4- legged animals like goat, sheep, buffalo, pig etc.) creates the risk of Heart Diseases. Better to have White Meat(Chicken and Fish). Fish is the best meat as it contains Omega 3 that helps develop our brain.

We use mustard oil or soyabean oil which are not very good for our Health. Sunflower Oil is better. Olive Oil or Flax seed Oil are the best for our health whereas saturated fats are the killers.


Dr. Yogi engaged every participants to laugh frequently, cracked jokes to make us laugh every now and then, taught us the simple exercise and self-massage techniques that made all the participants refreshed and relieved.


Dr. Yogi concluded his speech with the explanation of spiritual aspect of life. We have to focus on Creativity and Energy because that is what we are made up from. Our body perishes after we die but our Consciousness never dies and that remains as the wave in the universe which is again transplanted to another fetus just like the software of a computer. The concept of Materialism converted to Quantum Physics also indicates fact that what we do throughout the life is guided by the same Consciousness that is in-born. Environment around us nurtures our Consciousness towards making it Useful for our Life and the whole mankind.

Conclusion- We have to remain Happy, remain Calm, Focus on Creativity and try living Stress Free Life.

Finally the programme was concluded with handing over the Token of Love to the speaker Dr. Yogi and closing note from ECAN President Mr. Rajendra Baral.

ECAN would like to thank all the members their families and their staffs for making their presence in a program organized by ECAN.

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